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In the table, categories of waste are depicted in 4 boxes, each box has a particular color depicting the color of the PLASTIC BAG container. Category 3,6 & 7 are also circled in colors depicting: each one also comes under the category of the color they are rounded with, for example, 6 is rounded with yellow so 6 also comes under the center box with solid yellow disc.

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  1. Try not to eat all the food on your plate. Ignore the advice you grew up with. Do not clean your plate during every meal. Try to leave something on it. Pay attention to your body. It will tell you when you are full. Do not keep eating past that point.

  2. With snack food ads and commercials for delicious treats all around us, it’s hard to not get distracted, and hungry. Be sure to plan your meals to include healthy and filling foods, and keep yourself full with those good foods. Treats are OK every once in a while, but too many will undermine your weight loss efforts. By applying many of the tips in this article you will see beneficial changes in your weight.

  3. When you do your shopping, give your kids a chance to choose some of the foods. Allow them to choose the vegetables and fruit, so that they will eat them instead of leaving them on the plate. Also, when kids see colorful veggies and fruits, they will be more enthusiastic about trying them out.

  4. Do not base everything on the scale. You will be disappointed if you are constantly gauge your progress. If you are working out, you’re probably putting on muscle, meaning your weight may not change as much as you expect. Look at how well your clothes are fitting for a better measurement of your progress.

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